Wie löse ich das Audioproblem für Android BMW Navigation?

Touble shooting for Audio problem for Android BMW Navigation Problems when you play music/video or other functions on your Android BMW Screen:

1. Volume is too low even if you have set the highest volume in SETTING

2. There is noise or sound is weird

3. Left or Right Audio Chanel only

Step1: Find the fuse box on power cable

Step 2: Find the cable near fuse box which is used to short circuit the cable in fuse box

Step 3: Open the fuse box

Step 4: Disconnect the cable in fuse box

Step 5: After disconnected  the cable from fuse box, it looks like this

Step 6: Because for some of the cars, the audio is influenced by fuse box, connect these two cables, so that the sound will never go through fuse box. 

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